Pac Rim Cup: Hurry Hard Hollywood

Pac Rim Cup Curling Bonspiel
January 23-25, 2015

Hurry Hard Hollywood is a curling salute to cinema and celebrity. A prize for the best movie-themed team will be awarded at the 32nd Annual Pacademy Awards.

Entry is $380 per team. Registration opens December 1, 2014. Stay tuned for more details.

Pac Rim Cup 2014 Results

Spades Draw
Pac Rim Cup Champion: North of 40 (Rick Feeney, Brad McKeage, Reg Krake, Trevor Boudreau)
Runner-Up: Shelly and the Showgirls (Shelley Birston, Scott Robertson, Kevin Mintenko, Krista Frazee)
Semi-finalist: Make it a Double!! (Aaron Thompson, Jack Holmes, Brian Oldham, Mark Trowell)
Semi-finalist: Come Across the Face (Kent James, Gerhard Maynard, Mark Field, Brian Freeman)

Spades Wild Draw
Winner: Sweeping Around (Garrison Kuhlmann, Greg Kirkham, Chad Jupe, Ian Brown)
Runner-Up: The Carter Rycroft Experience (Johnny LaRusic, Casey Smith, Aneil Singh, Brandon Yan, Brad Woods)

Hearts Draw
Winner: Between the Sheets (Marc Hutton, Bryan Matthews, Dave Doig, David Thill)
Runner-Up: Holotta Rocks (Tim Beaulieu, Corey Laitinen, Robert Vosburg, Greg Lawton)

Hearts Wild Draw
Winner: Olson (Kirk Olson, David Greve, Lowell Neher, Greg McGregor)
Runner-Up: Lords of the Rings (Ted St. Pierre, David Devine, Sean McDowell, Rob Seto)

Clubs Draw
Winner: Caldwell (Scott Harcourt, Liam Hughes, Karl Zeilbauer, Stephen Caldwell)
Runner-Up: The Run Backs (Kelly Kipp, Gerald Gunn, Rob MacDonald, Sergio Colussi, Eric Bond)

Diamonds Draw
Winner: 4 Queens Beat a Straight (George Hall, Christopher Ordog, Greg Ohashi, Logan Chinski)
Runner-Up: Vandebeld (Rick Vandebeld, Dan Robertson, Kelly Strachan, Rob York)

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