Pac Rim Cup

Save the date for Pac Rim Cup 2016 coming January 22-24 to the Vancouver Curling Club.

Pac Rim Cup

On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to thank all participants, volunteers, sponsors and the Vancouver Curling Club for making the 2015 Pac Rim Cup: Hurry Hard Hollywood a great success.

Event Draw/Results

The A-List
Pac Rim Cup Champion: My Favorite Things (Aaron Thompson, Jack Holmes, Brian Enns Oldham, Mark Trowell)
Runner-Up: The Real Housewives of Hollywood (Scott Robertson, Shelley Birston, Kevin Mintenko, Krista Frazee)
Semi-finalist: The Booze Brothers (Kelly Kipp, Gerald Gunn, Sergio Colussi, Eric Bond, Michael Work)
Semi-finalist: Grab YOUR Stick (let’s measure) (Rick Feeney, Glenn Smith, Reg Krake, Trevor Boudreau)

Almost fAmous
Winner: Team Gunnar (Ray McNichol, Chris Chapman, Cam Carruthers, Travis Clarke)
Runner-Up: Sweeping Around (Garrison Kuhlmann, Stephen Chappell, Greg Kirkham, Chad Jupe)

The B-List
Winner: Saturday Night Heaver (Randall Noble, Stephan Funk, Mike Larabie, Cole Schneider)
Runner-Up: Curl On (Michel Lemieux, Carolyn Tanner, Jason Archibald, Chad Findlay)

The WannaBes
Winner: The Nicholas Cage Experience (Johnny LaRusic, Casey Smith, Aneil Singh, Brandon Yan, Brad Woods)
Runner-Up: Rock Blockers (Ted St. Pierre, David Devine, Rob Seto, Brock Endean)

The C-List
Winner: Hocus Poke-Us (Christopher Ordog, Aaron Lindgren, Greg Ohashi, Logan Chinski)
Runner-Up: We Blow Leads (Shawn Eklund, Dwight Tomalty, Darcy Paslawski, Vince Martin)

The D-List
Winner: The Extras (Rick Vandebeld, Dan Robertson, Kelly Strachan, Rob York)
Runner-Up: The Empire Strikes Hack (Clayton Bergquist, Brendan Green, Steeve Lepage, Peter Greenwell, Gary Bosomworth)

The HUNGer Game
Winner: Two Spirited (Aaron Brice, Peter Woolfrey, Keith Knudsen, Corey Laitinen)

See Pac Rim Cup Teams and Pac Rim Cup Draw.

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